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After years of searching and exploring organic skincare products, my search often left me with clogged pores, irritated skin and eyes. I have always had sensitive skin and finding the right beauty product proved an impossible quest. It was then that I started blending my own face oils. I wanted to create a holistic self-care ritual that was not only an effective skincare routine but one that offered moments of mindfulness and the lifting of spirit. With my aromatherapy background, deep studies of the healing power of plants and suggestions from my pharmacist mother, who is an expert of all things skin, I created a synergistic mix that is perfect for all skin types especially for sensitive skin. I also remembered the wisdom of my grandmother who often foraged for medicinal plants in the forests of Transylvania and used native plants for her skin and as mood elixirs. Nature has always been my sanctuary. My reverence for and understanding of the plant kingdom deepened during my time in the Peruvian Amazon. The trees and plants talked to me, particularly the maracuja vine and the acai palm, both became key elements in the face oil. The combination of nature, science and the wisdom of native plants allowed for the creation of a 3-Step Ritual – Face Mist, Face Oil and Beauty Balm- to enhance skin, and to elevate spirit and mind. Native plants are nature’s generous medicine and gift to us. I believe in reciprocity and the sacred balance and as such, a percentage of the sales go directly to indigenous communities around the world.

Native Science Botanicals brings an invigorating natural and effective 3-Step Ritual to your skincare routine. Not only will it restore your skin’s radiance and vitality, but it will lift your mood with its targeted use of organic essential oils that are known to elevate spirit. Each product is perfect to use on its own, but for best results it is suggested to follow the 3-step ritual daily: Revive Face Mist, Restore Face Oil, Radiance Beauty Balm. The mist, face oil and beauty balm are hand-made in micro-batches from synergistic blends of nature’s best beauty enhancing elements. They work together to renew, balance and heal skin. I focused on creating a skin-care ritual to help balance your skin’s Ph, oil production and inflammatory response. The science of native plants is nature’s generous medicine. I believe in reciprocity and the sacred balance and as such, a percentage of our proceeds go directly to indigenous communities around the world.

Made with organic ingredients. Never tested on animals. No parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances.