Native Science Botanicals only uses pure, organic, therapeutic grade elements.


  • All natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients

  • All ingredients are raw, certified organic and cold-pressed

  • Therapeutic grade organic, pure essential oils to ensure the highest safety, standards and efficacy

  • Never tested in animals

  • Plant Based Elements

  • No petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium Lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances

We bring you a clean skincare line that is simple, pure and effective. We believe that less is more even in our skincare routine. That approach allows us to bring you effective products with only a few, but high quality, pure organic ingredients. We believe that our skincare ritual should be simple and only comprised of natural elements that work synergistically to enhance our skin.


Micro-batches. Small batch creations ensure greater attention and quality along with the infusion of high-frequency intention to each bottle with the final touch of mopacho (jungle tobacco) blessing. Small-batch production allows us to stay close to our products for exceptional safety and efficacy.


We believe in a holistic approach by creating a skincare ritual that is infused with high-vibrational essential oils that go beyond the surface of the skin. The invisible power of scents awaken the spirit and when needed, tame the unruly mind just by the simple application of the mist, the face oil or the beauty balm. 

We believe in reciprocity, sacred balance, that the Earth has a heartbeat and that all living beings behold pure consciousness. We walk lightly on the Earth and we make conscious choices to help the planet as the Earth Guardians, while we inspire others to join in and help preserve nature’s beauty for generations.